Longer  version  of the TANGO TA200: for 3 persons (ideally for 2 adults and 1 child).  Family kayak: ideal  for  discovery  outings  on  easy  waters  and  seashore. Very roomy and comfortable. Same features  and  specifications  as  TANGO TA200,  with added neoprene foam padding on top of side chambers for more comfort.

    V - shaped  bottom  floor: superb  shape  and lines. Provides increased stability,
     even in rough waters.
    Floor  cover + top hull  of  side chambers:
     made  of extra strong 840 denier Nylon Oxford with polyurethane coating.
     More rigid and firm + easier paddling and better performance.
    Bottom  and  one  third outer-side chambers are made of 1000 denier super tough      supported fabric: added strength and durability, resistance against abrasion, and      superior air retention.
    Strong  zippers  on  main  chambers  and floor:
     practical access to inner hull for replacement and/or repair of inflatable bladders.
    Adjustable  zipper seats with integrated closed cell foam:
     excellent back support and amazingly comfortable.
    The  multiple  D-rings  on the side tubes, and the adjustable straps on the seats,      allow for the seats to be moved for either 1, 2 or 3 person use of the kayak.
    Directional strakes and skeg: better tracking + faster and easier paddling.
    Large screw valves: easy to inflate and fast to deflate.
    Large screwed type drain valve:
     allows for fast, easy draining of the kayak; easy to open and close.
    Tough,  durable,  compact,  and  lightweight, with great maneuverability and ex-
     cellent stability.


41095 cm


18 kg
40 lbs
250 kg
550 lbs

Carrying Bag

Repair Kit