Inflatable SUP Board

The inflatable SUP Board is made of the high quality drop stitch fabric, which has proven to have
no pinhole leaks, no cracking, or no air bubbles on the surface. It is also highly durable, easily
maneuverable, UV resistant and unaffected by foul weather (excessive heat, cold or humidity),
fuel, oil, sunlight, or abrasion. Although rigid and stable in the water, it can be folded up for easy
travelling deflated, fits into a backpack, and is small and light enough to carry by an airplane.
Once you arrive at your destination, you can quickly inflate your SUP with a hand pump and get in
the water in no time.


Deluxe H3 valve: removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight
Detachable special skeg: keeps surfboard headed on its intended course
Fully wrapped with second layer of material on the top and bottom: creates a stiff,
  rigid and sturdy
EVA foam on the top: prevents from slipping
Pressure range: up to 15 psi
Possible for various types of graphics and logos to be printed on the board
Usable thickness of drop stitch fabric: 4 inches and 6 inches
Can be used in many ways: paddling, kayaking, exploring, and wave surfing
Roll up & Backpack
Non Slip EVA Pad
ZPRO inflatable Stand Up Paddle !
Experience the thrills of a new sport. ZPRO offers a range of SUPs which will suit the expectations of begginers as well as the most demanding paddlers.
SUP construction Detachable Skeg