Made to meet the expectations of the most demanding kayakers. Sleek, sturdy, extremely rigid and stable: both a recreational and a sports kayak. Suitable for novice as well as experienced paddlers. Ample and comfortable for 1 person + plenty of gear. Extra large floating surface: reduced drag and increased flotation for smooth and effortless gliding. Unique self bailing valves: to be opened when the kayak is used in white water for quick draining, or closed for a dry ride while touring on calm waters. Designed and constructed to be used on white water, rivers, lakes and at the sea shore.

    Side chambers + bottom:
     made of 1000 denier super tough supported fabric for superior strength.
     Allows high pressure inflation; very durable, firm, and abrasion resistant.
    New inflatable high pressure drop stitch floor: fabulously rigid and still lightweight.
    Adjustable zipper seat with integrated closed cell foam:
     excellent back support and amazingly comfortable.
    Deluxe H3 high pressure valves: removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight.
    Detachable large size skeg: keeps kayak in a straight track while paddling - must      be removed for whitewater and shallow water use.
    Molded  multiple  position  footrests: comfortable foot supporting profiles and en-     hanced stability while paddling.
    Large screwed type drain valves: allow for fast, easy draining of the kayak; easy      to open and close.
    Tough, durable, compact, and lightweight, with great maneuverability and excell-     ent stability.


29096 cm


12 kg
26 lbs
145 kg
319 lbs

Carrying Bag

Repair Kit